Cubicks 11


Cubicks 11


Cubicks is a very basic 3D puzzle game. There is a free version with ads and a paid version without ads available at the app stores (Google, Apple, Windows). All the apps contain 1000 Puzzles in 4 different levels.

On the left you see what a Cubicks puzzle looks like. On the right you see the puzzle when solved.

Start Puzzle:




Rotate the cube and change the colors of the grey cubes by tapping on them. In the end every row and column of each side of the cube should have four different colors.

You want to see Cubicks in a movie? Go to: Cubicks on Youtube

Good luck!

Here are the direct links to the different stores:

Cubicks at the Apple App store
Cubicks Free at the Apple App store

Cubicks at the Google Play store
Cubicks Free at the Google Play store

Cubicks at the Windows Game store
Cubicks Free at the Windows Game store

The name

The name CUBICKS is a mix of the words CUBES and LOGICS. Pretty obvious, but what about the letter K ?

The K shows that CUBICKS is also a mix of two games: RUBIK'S CUBE and SUDOKU. They both have a K pretty much at the end of the word. The K in Cubicks is a tribute to these other games.

In fact there is a small story that connects all three games. Cubicks is invented by Marcelo Pars. Years ago he went on holiday to the lakeside of Lago Maggiore in Italy with his wife and kids. Every morning he stepped out his tent, made a cup of coffee and set himself behind a sudoku. But on one morning the whole family woke up early to make a visit to the city Milano. It was a Sunday and a lot of shops were closed. But at a street corner there was a big black fellow who had installed himself behind a shelf where he showed all his second hand stuff. In the middle of that shelf there was this Rubik's Cube. Marcelo saw the cube and hesitated. He knew that buying this cube would be the end of happy mornings solving suduko's. The guy saw Marcelo looking at the cube. "It turns really easy," he said. "Why don't you give it a try?" From then on holiday looked more like work, the way Marcelo was struggling with that cube. But now he likes to think a seed was planted in his head that summer. A seed that grew in his mind to this game: Cubicks.

Tips & Tricks

Look at the left side and find the cube to color. On the right you see the answer.

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